On October 30-31, Team 341 hosted its 21st annual off-season robotics competition, Ramp Riot. This was a significant weekend for many teams as it was the second competition within our region since March 2020. Twenty-nine teams of students participated over the course of two days, with the robots they built in the 2020 season. It was an amazing feeling of togetherness and unity as our greater robotics family was finally able to get together again.

There was a lot of planning that went into this event. A regional committee was assembled over the summer, the Wissahickon School District had to review all of our plans, special COVID-19 precautions were put in place, and our team parents came together to help with set up, tear down, and concessions.

But there’s even more fine people to thank! Our Wissahickon Facilities team was back to support us in any way possible and the Wissahickon IT team guaranteed a fast and stable Internet connection for our webcast. Speaking of the webcast, this was the only way students who had not been selected as one of their team’s 10 in-person representatives could watch their team’s performance. Our team decided to put a little extra flair into it by having two dedicated hosts throughout the weekend.

Our team itself had an awesome time. Before the event, we had fun designing and assembling custom trophies that glow in the dark. At the event, a group of students spent time resetting the field between each match, while another group of students was our official competition team each day. On Saturday, we decided to run our team’s swerve drive test base for fun, playing defense all day long. On Sunday, we sent our 2020 robot out in style with all of her recent bugs fixed, and a brand new climber that we’d developed in the last few months (that worked!). Our efforts paid off when we ended the day on Sunday as Ramp Riot Finalists. It was a delight to watch all of our new students see what a robotics competition is all about.

Congratulations on another successful Ramp Riot and a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who supported us throughout the weekend.

Saturday’s Webcast

Sunday’s Webcast

Photos from the Day

Congratulations on another successful Ramp Riot!

Official Awards & Results of Ramp Riot 2021 (Saturday)

  • Ramp Riot Champions
    • Team 2539 – Krypton Cougars
    • Team 316 – LUNATECS
    • Team 1712 – Dawgma
  • Ramp Riot Finalists
    • Team 3314 – Mechanical Mustangs
    • Team 5490 – The Dark Byte
    • Team 834 – SparTechs

Official Awards & Results of Ramp Riot 2021 (Sunday)

  • Ramp Riot Champions
    • Team 2539 – Krypton Cougars
    • Team 1640 – Sab-BOT-age
    • Team 433B – Firebirds B
    • Team 5407 – Wolfpack
  • Ramp Riot Finalists
    • Team 341 – Miss Daisy
    • Team 365 – Miracle Workerz
    • Team 708 – Hatters Robotics

Event & Team Sponsors

  • FIRST®
  • FIRST® Mid-Atlantic
  • Denney Electric Supply
  • Comcast NBCUniversal
  • The Boeing Company
  • BAE Systems
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Computer Components Corporation
  • Penn State Great Valley
  • DiD Agency
  • Minuteman Press Ambler
  • Wissahickon School District
  • Wissahickon Educational Opportunities Foundation

Event Partners

  • Wissahickon School District
  • WHS Maintenance Department
  • WSD IT Department
  • WHS PE Department
  • Costa’s Deli
  • Costco
  • Giant
  • Wawa
  • Philly Pretzel Factory